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Interval Training

This involves running at a faster pace for short distances (say 200-800m) followed by a recovery period of 30-90 seconds. This helps to improve speed and running technique.


Hill Training

We find a hill and run shuttles of increasing length (25, 50, 75, 100m) up the hill and recover on the way back. This increases stamina and leg strength.


Fartlek Running

Fartlek (Swedish for 'speed play') running mixes periods of hard running with easy running. We run in fast bursts between trees, lamp posts etc. but there is no set structure. This is a fun way to increase speed.


Mile Repeats

After a warm-up we run for a timed mile, followed by a 3 to 4 minute recovery period, then repeat aiming for a faster mile.


Speedwork and Drills

Following a warm-up, we run 100-200m focussing on speed or high knees or heel lifts (kicking your own bottom!) or side-stepping. This exercise improves speed, technique and mobility.


Balance and Stretching

After some sessions we may work on improving balance eg. single leg squats, walking lunges etc. In addition, to improve flexibility and prevent injuries, we perform stretches after each session.

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Ideal World Training Programme - Level 2

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Half Marathon

Training Plan

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